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We have a very good reputation in the market. Being a quality-oriented organization, we assure our clients about the good lifts that this hydraulic stacker is the best in quality. Our qualified experts only utilize fine quality raw material, while manufacturing the entire range. We provide wide range of sizes and shapes, as per the requirements of our above clients.


Capacity Kg 1000 / 1500 / 2000
Platform Size 1500 x 1500 / 1800 x 1800
WxL (mm) 1800 x 2000 / 1800 x 2200
Lifting (mtrs) 1890 mm3 - 10.5
Controls Dual/Triple /Four
Type Double Mast

We offer Hospital Lifts for Hospitals for easy transportation of bulky equipments as well as patients. We are according to the present modern technology used by everyone so that it will be easy for the patients to move. These Hospital Lifts are usually provided with Center opening Telescopic Power Operated Doors for easy use by patients. These have sophisticated looks with high functionality. Hospital Lifts are best to carry gurneys, stretchers as well as wheel chairs. We offer those lifts at attractive prices in various models.

Other details:

hey are unique creations, especially designed to meet the high aesthetic standards of the cruise industry. Reach the heights and experience the extraordinary with ABC Elevators


We offer a wide selection of standard and fully customizable designs from the simplest to the most complex applications. We have the expertise and quality which inherent in every component, ensuring smooth installation and dependable performance.We have the best challenging schedules in which we offer everything from two stop standard dual jack holeless elevators to the most complex, custom roped freight cars. There is no project too big or too small.This product comes in a variety of configurations. This is ideal for buildings with the following features and service needs:


The MRL is one of the greatest innovation the lift industry has encountered in the past few decades. In the last 10 years, the growth of MRL lifts has been unpredictable. Where MRL is the standard for low to mid-rise buildings. The remarkable growth of this technology is a result of the recognition from the building industry of its tangible benefits for everyone – the architects, building owners, users and the environment.


We manufacture and export Car Elevators in different variants and also We ensure proper delivery of products and achieve good response customers. These lifts have various specifications thus meeting the varied needs of our clients at market leading prices. We use high-grade material to manufacture our range, which makes our lifts most balanced parallel lift systems available in the market.These lifts are used for transporting vehicles to the tops or basement and showrooms.


A dumbwaiter is a small freight elevator (or lift) intended to carry objects rather than people. Dumbwaiters found within modern structures, including both commercial, public and private buildings, are often connected between multiple floors. When installed in restaurants, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, retirement homes or in private homes, the lifts generally terminate in a kitchen.





Types of Doors



We are engaged in offering a wide range of Collapsible Gates, which are made of quality raw materials in compliance with industry standards. Our range are very hugely acclaimed by our clients for their compact in design, noiseless operation and extremely easy to install. A wide range of products is available in various designs and tolerances.


Swing doors provide flexibility, convenience ,efficiency for both interior and exterior entrances. Low energy and full energy configurations are available to meet any access requirement.

We have 5 types of swing doors.

  • ? Surface Mounted
  • ? Overhead concealed
  • ? In ground
  • ? Low energy
  • ? Electro hydraulic
  • Medicinal

    Center Opening doors as the name itself tells us that opens by parting from center. These type of doors are used for most of the power operated doors application due to its aesthetic features and feel. These doors are also available with fire rating of upto 2 hrs. These power operated doors are available in Mild Steel powder coated finish, Stainless steel Hairline finish, Glass doors and Stainless Steel Designer finish.

    Features : -

  • ? Stylish look
  • ? Perfect finish
  • ? Sturdiness
  • ? Material: Stainless steel
  • ? Finish: Seastone
  • Medicinal

    Telescopic Opening doors as the name itself tells us that which opens by sliding of the doors to one side. These type of doors may be used when where there is a space constraint as these type of doors take up less space as compared to center opening type of doors.These power operated doors are available in Mild Steel powder coated finish, Stainless steel Hairline finish, glass doors and Stainless Steel Designer finish.These doors are also available with fire rating of upto 2 hrs.


    Vertical Bi-parting doors are made to open in the center in a vertical fashion. These doors are mainly used for dumb waiter elevators which are used for carrying food and utensils. These doors are available in Mild steel and Stainless steel. Mild steel doors are painted for corrosion resistance.





    Types of Drive



    Our association is generally rumored in offering Elevator V3F Drive to our customers. It influences utilization of outward power keeping in mind the end goal to work in dependable way for a considerable length of time. This Elevator V3F Drive is accessible in best range and is tried altogether by the quality overseers on certain all around characterized parameters. By and large; this Elevator V3F Drive would have the capacity to do full support to the confidence rested by our customers. We take a shot at Yaskawa, Fuji, Toshiba Drives.





    Types of Control



    1) First automated system w/o single call button on each floor and single button for each floor inside car

    2) Called if no one is using it

    3) Passenger has exclusive use of the car until rip is complete


    Most common, remembers and answers calls in one direction then reverses.

    When trip complete, programmed to return to a home landing


    For large buildings with many elevators which are controlled with programmable microprocessors to respond.








    . If a person or an object blocks the doorway and the sensors detects the person or object, the door will reopen then stays open and will not closed until the person moves away or the object is removed from the doorway


    To prevent overloading of the car by persons, the available area of the car shall be limited and related to the nominal/rated load of the elevator.

    Two-post Car Lift Automatic Arm Restraints
    Four-Post Car Lift Anti-Sway Blocks
    Four-Post Car Lift Runway Ramps and Chocks
    Hydraulic Flow Restrictor
    Design That Address and Eliminates Pinch Points Automatic Safety Locks
    Slack Cable or Slack Chain Device Safety Device
    Safe Systems and Procedures
    Specialized Lifting Pads for Different Types of Vehicles
    Proper Use and Safety Instructions Labeling


    Adequate lighting: 100 lux in the Machine Room 50 lux in Machine Room access.

    Safe access to the Machine Room and no deadbolts on rooftop door.

    Stairs, guardrails and A/C maintained in good condition

    However, any work done on the elevator system must be under the direction of a licensed elevator technician.


    Our Overload Warning Device help you in minimizing mistakes and confusions with visually instructive markings that inform workers of potential hazards and risks.

    Attentive Announcement (AAN-B ) ,A device that alerts passengers of improper operation such as overloading of a car, by voice or sound to the passengers inside the car.


    In case of a main power supply failure, the lift stopped between two floors is moved to floor level, the automatic door is opened and passengers are out safely, For lifts with automatic door, in case of a main power supply failure at floor level, the door is remain opened.