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About Us

For more than 20 years in medical equipments field of business, We providing the best technologies and service.

Company Overview

Janin Medical Company is one of the nation's leading medical equipment companies. The company was founded in 1996 to address the unmet need for an outsource provider to the medical device industry with the in-depth technical, quality and regulatory knowledge needed to develop and manufacture sophisticated medical products.

At Janin Medical, we are passionate about improving and saving the lives of patients through high quality, innovative medical devices and partners. our products are found in hospital, emergency, home and specialty care environments and are used during critical and intensive care, surgery, post-operative care and for support in managing chronic illness.

Our Purpose

Provide innovative solutions and superior support to help healthcare professionals and providers ensure safety, enhance patient outcomes, and improve the total cost of care.

Our mission

To effectively serve all of the specialized and diverse needs of the medical community, while conducting ourselves with honesty and integrity. We dedicate ourselves to our customers, our suppliers and to one another, with one common goal in mind: To effectively distribute products and partners to the healthcare community.

Our vision

To be the premier regional distributor to the healthcare industry in the market segments we serve. We will achieve this goal through an ongoing commitment to innovation, quality and service. A balance of leadership and teamwork will serve as our foundation.

General Manager’s Messages


Turki Rashed Al-Sufyan

General Manager of Janin company
I’m responsible for this company. I stand behind the results. I know the details, and I think the CEO has to be the moral leader of the company, … I think high standards are good, but let’s not anybody be confused, it’s about performance with integrity. That’s what you have to do.

Our services

Medical Equipment

Medical Training

Healthcare Center



? EEG & Holter EEG

? Epilepsy monitoring system

? Autonomic Nervous system

? CFM & aEEG

? Magnetic Stimulatro

? EMG/EEG Accessories


? Spirometers

? Pulmonary Function test

? Cardiopulmonary units




? Stress test


? Audiometers

? Tympanometer



? Baby Hearing Screening

? Speech therapy

? speech training

? Nasal View (Nasometer)


? Uroflowmetery

? Urodynamic

? Pelvic floor therapy

? Impotence diagnoses and therapy

Our Partners

Our Clients

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Army Medical Services

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

National Guard Health Affairs

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Security Forces Hospitals

Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

Our profile

Contact Us


50246 Riyadh 11523,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

+966 11 8801126

+966 11 8801128

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